It is the unique practitioner who makes a truly great homeopath. Yehuda (Yechiel) Schrader is such a practitioner. He appreciates and respects the complexities that make you who you are as an individual. This enables him to carefully zero in on his patients' issues - whether it be physical concerns or personal and emotional well-being. His thorough knowledge and understanding of concepts in classical homeopathy is then appropriately applied to your specific needs. (See ‘What is Homeopathy?’)


Patients feel ease and confidence when working with Yehuda. This comes from his deep insightfulness and genuine caring for his clients’ well-being. In line with this, he makes it a priority to avail himself for questions or guidance between the sessions. View examples of successful cases here.


Like his patients, Yehuda too was once on a quest to find solutions for his health issues. Conventional experts could offer only medications, each of which had its own side effects. In addition, their effectiveness was of limited duration. Yehuda found homeopathic treatments to be strikingly different. Some results were immediate. For example, he was able to discontinue taking the medications and his energy increased. Other changes, such as improved concentration  were part of gradual process over an extended period of time. 


During that period, his professional life was moving in the direction of accounting. At the same time, the more he learnt and experienced, the more his interest in homeopathy grew. He eventually enrolled in the Hudson Valley School of Classical Homeopathy.

Upon completing the foundation course, he understood that this was the professional path he was

meant to walk. He continues to expand his homeopathic knowledge and skills through advanced



About Yehuda

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