"Our eight year old son, Y, is prone to explosive rages," the parents explained when we met. "He is constantly attacking his younger siblings and the other children at school." Y would desperately try to control his environment and when that was impossible, he would once again explode. Quiet moments in public would find him chewing on his sleeve nervously. At school, the teacher tried to convince the parents to put the child on Ritalin - a course of action the parents did not agree with.

"I don't like myself," he would frequently tell his parents.​

I started him on a remedy, which I felt would address the various this child needed help for. The rages gradually began to recede. He stopped chewing on his sleeve. Eventually, his naturally sweet, helpful nature became more dominant.

"I don't know what you are doing, and I don't care," the teacher told the parents recently. "All I know is that it is working."

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Success Stories

R is a 60 year old woman who for the past thirteen years was the primary caregiver for her seriously ill child. The stress was overwhelming. She tried various approaches to cope with the stress, but was only moderately successful. When she came to me, the incessant clenching of her jaw at night was destroying her teeth. She had not been able to adjust to the various night guards suggested by the dentist. With the appropriate homeopathic remedy, her sleep became more relaxed. The clenching of the jaw eased considerably. Her hands, which until now were balled into fists when she slept, also relaxed.

“I have such a feeling of tranquility. I can't remember the last time I felt this way,” she told me. An additional surprise for R was the ability to perform menial tasks with much more ease, for example, maintaining basic order in her home.

“I was so overwhelmed with what I had to do; I could not find the energy to deal efficiently with many household chores. It never occurred to me," she went on to explain, "that the correct homeopathic remedy could have such far reaching effects."

MS K, a woman in her late 50s, was suffering from a variety of physical ailments ranging from restless leg syndrome to anxiety and fatigue. Her most serious complaint, however, was the heavy bleeding she had been experiencing as a result of menopause. The medication her gynecologist prescribed did not help. Before undergoing a D&C, she decided to try the remedy Yehuda suggested. She was amazed when the bleeding stopped. “To me it felt like a miracle,” she wrote. A month later she realized that her restless leg syndrome, which had been plaguing her some time, was gone. Her energy levels shot up. She was thrilled with the ease that she could now perform those simple tasks that before had been so cumbersome. In her letter of appreciation she expressed her appreciation for Yehuda’s “cautious and responsible” dispensing the remedy. “He literally did not stop until he found the correct treatment.”

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